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How I Maintain a Clean House + DIY Project

I’ll get straight to the point – I hate cleaning.  However, I love having my house organized and as my husband says, “looking like a magazine”.   I’ve finally came up with a way for me to maintain a clean house and I’m going to share it with you.  Over the years, I’ve tried several approaches to keeping my house clean: going on all-day cleaning binges, hiring a housekeeper and sticking to attempting to stick to a cleaning schedule. And none of it ever worked because, inevitably, I’d get tired or busy and cleaning would become the last thing on my mind.

When I hired a housekeeper the idea was for her to do a “deep cleaning” while I maintained the rest of the everyday cleaning like vacuuming, mopping and dusting.  But it worked against me because, if I had a long list of things to do on the days I was supposed to clean, I would just tell myself that the housekeeper was coming and not do it.  So that got nixed after a few months.

As for all day cleaning binges, we all know that this is extremely counter-productive because its too easy to become distracted by things.  I would be cleaning the bathroom and then go to the kitchen to get a rag or cleaning product and see something out of place and then, all of a sudden, I’m cleaning in the kitchen, then I find some old pictures and then I’m purging winter sweaters!  That one day of cleaning binge turns into two, maybe three, days. I’m sure I’m not the only one who fell into this trap.

As for sticking to attempting to stick to a schedule, I always failed at this because I wouldn’t be consistent in what days I did certain chores or would forget to do certain things.  So sure, my bathtub was sparkling but the huge dust bunnies hanging from the vent fan was not cute.  Every time I took a shower I would see them and tell myself that NEXT TIME I would clean them up (but you already know I forgot it the next time I cleaned – how else did they get so big?).

So how did I solve this problem?  By making a CHORE SCHEDULE BOARD.  Yup, like they do for little kids, because apparently I can’t be trusted to remember everything on my own and need a list to follow.  I needed it to be something that I could easily see and reuse.  I came up with this DIY to make a dry erase board for my chores list, not only is the list displayed but I can check off stuff that I have done.  Who else gets satisfaction from crossing stuff off lists??? Am I alone in that?

finished DIY chore board

I hung this up in the pantry cabinet in the middle of the kitchen where its easy to access and I check it everyday so I can keep up with the chores that need to be done.  I made this in photoshop and included all the chores that need to be done in our house.  I separated out monthly, weekly, and daily chores and spread out weekly chores throughout the week so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed on any one day.  By having this list up, I can easily track if I missed something or do things early if I know I’ll be working on a specific day.  If you’re interested in this DIY – keep on scrolling to see the products needed and for the PDF file for my schedule and a blank one that you can fill out with your own specific chores.

DIY CHORe schedule board

Skill Level: Beginner
Total Time: 5 mins

Materials needed:


  1. Print out PDF Chore Schedule
  2. Cut a small piece of jute twine and tie to plastic board and then to dry erase marker cap
  3. Attach 2 Velcro strips at the top of the plastic board (make sure they’ll be hidden by the schedule)
  4. Connect the corresponding velcro strips to the ones you placed on the board and then stick the whole thing wherever you want your schedule
  5. You’re done! Now get to cleaning!


DIY Chore List Supplies

Here are the links for the Blank and Filled Out Chore Schedules | if you’re using your phone open them in iBooks & print from there

VZ Collective Chore Schedule
Blank Chore Schedule

If you’ve tried this or have any good housekeeping tips please share them in the comments!

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