9 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Leather Furniture

9 Tips for Decorating Your Home With Leather Furniture

We love incorporating leather elements into our furniture and decor. Why? Decorating with leather adds character, quality, and warmth to your space—not to mention it’s a beautiful natural material that brings in lovely texture and a rich colour tone. And each leather piece is so unique. In terms of texture, leather furniture can be super glossy and smooth, highly textured, or matte and rustic—and just about anything in between. And there’s so much variance in leather colour and tones, as well. Natural leathers range from light to dark, but you can also find leather in colours like black, white, and navy. Whatever the finish, a leather accent adds warmth or sophistication to a room because of the organic nature of the material.

We also love how durable leather is. When properly taken care of, a leather piece will last a very long time—and it ages beautifully, developing a natural patina that only gets better as time wears on. Small scuffs and scratches will develop over time, and the leather will likely wear down in certain spots. These “signs of ageing” are called a patina, and it’s actually great if you love a weathered look or rustic decor ideas! This brings texture and depth to your space—and it’s great for homes with kids and pets! Any new scuffs or scratches will blend right in, and pet hair doesn’t cling to leather, so it’s easy to clean in that regard.

Leather also goes with almost all styles, so even if your style changes over time, it’s likely that a leather piece can flow with a new style. Leather furniture and accents go especially well with rustic, traditional, minimal, mid-century modern, eclectic, boho, and even contemporary styles. It’s all about how the leather is used and the tone and patina of the piece. And if you aren’t comfortable with real leather, there are many beautiful faux leather furniture options out there! Know more about western leather furniture at

Curious about how to incorporate leather design ideas into your home? Keep reading for ways to decorate with leather, no matter your style!

1. Choose Alluring Leather Colors

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The choice of colour is an important aspect when selecting leather furniture. Whether you choose sofas or dining chairs, different colours range from black, cream, brown, yellow, white, etc. Darker coloured leather displays a masculine look and should be mixed with soft colours to give a better appearance.

How you mix the colours will determine if your leather furniture will be the centre stage of the room’s décor or not. Buy leather dining chairs and sofas with cool, light, and soft colours like cream or blue to make the room look lavish.

2. Space The Leather Furniture

Spacing your furniture will make your room appear less untidy, making it look organized. If you have leather furniture that comes in a set, arrange them separately, creating extra room for movement. Accent tables can accompany armchairs and sectional sofas but always consider the colour combination.

3. Cushion It

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While the leather sofa should be visible to anyone that enters the room, it can still be the focus, with other furnishings like bookshelves and end tables well placed around it. Try and layer your leather sofa with some end tables on the side and a bookshelf at the back so that it doesn’t look solitary in the room.

4. Balance The Colors

While neutral leathers are a popular, classic choice, your options aren’t limited to black, brown, and white shades. Leather furnishings are available in every colour of the rainbow and have an amazing array of finishes. Make a splash with a Moroccan pouffe in a bold yellow or hot pink, add instant character with a sofa covered in distressed leather, or embrace the exotic with embossed hides that mimic ostrich or crocodile. Want something more low-key but equally distinctive? The subtle shimmer of metallic leather is an easy and on-trend way to add a spark of glamour to any space.

5. Accessorize And Mix Textures

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Find accessories like artwork, rugs, curtains, and other pieces of furniture that you can add and bring some balance to the décor. Pair up the leather with extra pieces that have different patterns and textures that complement the leather furniture. Natural fabrics like silk and rayon provide an ambience of elegance in your décor.

6. Unexpected Places

We all know how great leather looks covering a sofa or headboard, but it can be a real showstopper when used more unconventionally. Leather makes an unexpected yet eye-catching choice for area rugs and floor tiles, decorative accessories like boxes and pillows, and even lampshades and chandeliers. Or how about using leather as a wall covering? It makes a dramatic statement, helps to dampen sound, and can be visually quiet or bold depending on the colour and finish used.

7. Embellished Accents

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Leather’s lustrous finish makes it an ideal surface for added embellishments. Think of an armchair with nailhead trim, an ottoman or Chesterfield sofa with all-over tufting, a headboard with exposed stitching, or a leather-topped desk with gold tooling. These little touches elevate leather furniture from something functional into something fashionable, something ordinary into something truly exceptional.

8. Painted Balance

Balance the visual weight of brown or black leather furnishings by incorporating painted walls, furniture, and textiles. This eye-catching green wall and mirror, for example, bring colour and interest to a cosy reading nook. Natural elements, like fresh flowers and a driftwood lamp, complement the leather’s smooth grain.

9. Light Layers

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Traditional leather sofas are dark by nature, so layer them with cream, pastel, or white accent pillows and throw blankets. Pull in other pale accents like area rugs and accessories to bounce light around the room and also add desirable contrast. Situating the couch near a large window also lets light into the room—just make sure your furniture is fade-resistant.

Want to incorporate leather in your décor?

You can decorate your dining or living room with some creativity, giving it a luxurious finish without making it a difficult task.