6 Ways Tech Will Change the Way We Play Video Games

6 Ways Tech Will Change the Way We Play Video Games

The evolution of video games is great. In recent years, we have had the opportunity to enjoy the most diverse games and new trends in the gaming industry. Playing video games has many advantages. The biggest advantage is the increased ability to work multiple jobs at the same time, multitasking. People who play games every day make faster decisions than those who don’t. It also encourages team spirit, better coordination of movements, etc. The development of this industry ranged from pinball machines and arcade machines, through home consoles, all the way to mobile games, the Internet and the server.

They also brought the biggest changes. In-game shopping and PTW (pay to win model) have begun to shape mass mobile gaming, proving that this industry is not just buzzword, but something much bigger than that. This is best shown by the fact that the process of game development requires extreme creativity and a kind of art from those who develop them. So, technology has had a big impact on the gaming industry and that is reflected in the way we play games today.

1. AI

Artificial intelligence has advanced a lot over the years and continues to change. Its influence changed the games forever and she increased the interest of the players. The reason is the realistic environment in video games as well as the imitation of human players. The basic form of the game has long been obsolete, as was the case with the game of Pong. So, AI is probably one of the biggest technological innovations that will only continue to improve the gaming experience. As a result, players are increasingly “spoiled” and expect more, better, higher quality, so these games are becoming more interactive and personalization is expected to become a new level in the game dev industry.

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2. Online gaming

In the history of games, online games have caused a complete revolution in the industry. Although online games are now an integral part of our daily lives, this has not always been the case. The history of the online game can be talked about endlessly and believe me, you could learn a lot during this process. The first multiplayer games were made as a result of the hard work of scientists and software developers. Many things about needles were learned during that period and all these essential things were later implemented in needles that they, like many others, developed. The most popular are MMORPGS which have left a big mark in gaming. Even if we compare the former MMORPGS games with today’s games, you will notice a completely different experience. Your friends no longer need to be too close to their computers to connect with them.

Now you can connect with millions of other players anywhere in the world. With the development of social networks, and especially Facebook, gaming has taken on a completely different dimension. The large selection gives you space from current entertainment to far more complex games that will occupy you every day for a while. Free games are present in almost all genres, so today you can easily play high quality action games, strategies that are played internationally and involve millions of players at the same time.

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3. 3D

With the development of 3D graphics and animation, the emergence of strategy games and games with their own story, video game design is becoming an art in itself. Using special mathematical formulas, the first 3D action took place, the first 3D effect. Then, in the fighting game Mortal Kombat, animations made on the basis of shooting real people began to be used for the first time. Dune II popularizes the real-time strategy genre, where players play simultaneously, not alternately. The Sony PlayStation appears, a console where game distribution CDs were used, most of which used 3D graphics.

After that, designers become more and more creative, showing more and more realistic animations in the imaginary world. Half-life introduces a new standard, because it has a certain story of which the player is an integral part. There is no level crossing here. Games like this are starting to look like movies that people usually enjoy. By modifying the Half-Life game, the famous Counter Strike is created. Later, new consoles appeared, as well as the game The Sims, which is a simulation of real life. Then, Warcraft, Call of Duty and many other games appear.

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4. Virtual Reality

This is the next major leap. This means that virtual reality is becoming more and more impressive. We must mention that this technology is a growing force and is an equally powerful tool in education, science, etc. VR has a big impact on our board, and especially on the gaming industry. In order for players to have the best possible experience, various VR accessories are appearing on the market. You probably saw VR headset, but did you heard about Woojer Vest Edge? That is one more device which will make whole VR experience even better in the coming years. We suggest you to check more about this vest below:

5. Graphics

Games today rely primarily on graphics, that is, the capabilities of the graphics chip. As in any movie, the image is very important in the game. Thanks to faster graphics cards and better textures, the level of detail in the game has significantly improved. For example, in the first 3D games of the house, stone walls and tunnels looked flat, and uneven structures were created by simple drawing. As computing power increased, more and more built-in structures appeared in games.

Interiors and architecture have become more complex, the number of niches, corners. Every year the graphics are more sophisticated and even the simplest modern games look great. Although this is related to the 3D gaming revolution, graphics technology has improved the hardware and contributed to the realistic look of the games. With the improvement of computer hardware, players can develop even more pixels, shading, etc.

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6. Smartphones and gaming apps

In parallel with the development of smartphones, computer games have moved to these portable devices. Snake and Tetris faded very quickly compared to what came. Now you need an extremely small fee to download the game, and you can play most for free. Your smartphone is powerful enough and you can use it for intense game performance. As smartphones continue to improve, better performance awaits you.

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The magic began in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He defined the first two decades of the 21st century as the accelerated development of technology, which will certainly continue to happen. The main goal of this type of game was to offer a different type of education.

In this case, those who created this type of game did not even imagine that the path they opened has such development potential. We have yet to see what the future will bring us, but one thing is for sure – the world will be much different in the next 10 or 30 years from what we live in today.