Sail The Seas In Style: Choosing The Perfect Wooden Boat For Your Lifestyle

Sail The Seas In Style: Choosing The Perfect Wooden Boat For Your Lifestyle

Sailing the seas can have different significance for different people. For some people going on a cruise is a long nourished dream, while for others, living on a boat is a retirement plan. For yet others, picking up the hook and sailing away into the vastness of the blue can be a long-awaited item on the bucket list.

Whatever the reason, sailing into the vast expanse of the sea is undoubtedly a life-changing experience. It can change how you view life, giving you a fresh perspective and a new take on things. If you, too, are looking to embark on this journey, check out lake boats for sale to enjoy the best sailing experience.

To get the most out of sailing, you must have a boat best suited to your needs. But can there be anything like an ‘ideal boat’? Every mariner you ask has their own favorites, and all companies claim that their boats are the best. Well, do not worry. Read on to learn how to get the boat best suited to your needs.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Wooden Boat

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Well, there can be no perfect cruising boat. That is because every boat is a compromise in one way or another. The key here is to look for one that suits your needs best. This means that the boat others find best might not be the perfect one for you.

To find the right watercraft, you must first understand what you want from your cruising lifestyle. An excellent point to start would be asking yourself questions, like, whether you want a lavish and luxuriant experience or are looking for a simple, minimalist cruise. Is comfort your primary concern, or are you more preoccupied with budget limitations?

You must also have a clear idea about the kind of cruising experience you would like once out on the seas. Some essential questions you must answer are:
Would you like to go on day sailing or river cruising?
Would you be cruising on a river or on the sea?
Should your boat sail or run on power?
Would you prefer a solitary experience or a social one?

Each of these questions is important as they help you determine what you want from your wooden watercraft, influencing the kind of boat you need. Especially if it is your first classic boat, think about where you want to sail and the build you would like. It is essential to be practical in your choice.

3 Things To Keep In Mind When Buying The Perfect Wooden Boat

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There are many ways to go about buying a traditional wooden boat. You can commission a builder to build you a watercraft in the traditional, old-school style or get a secondhand one that is still in good condition. To make things more appealing for the traditionalist in you, you could also get one from the backwaters and rebuild or restore it to its original glory. To take things even further, you could also build one from scratch.

Buying a wooden boat is practically no different from buying any other kind of boat. Your concerns regarding the price, size, nature, and performance would essentially remain the same. Some of the primary things to look out for are:


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Figuring out your budget can often be tricky. That is because sailing experience has different significance for different people. This, however, is the foremost consideration as it is the single most important decision that can have the biggest bearing on the choice you make. For the ones with no budgetary limitations, the options are infinite. However, if you have a cap on the amount you can spend on your watercraft, your options are fewer.

You can find a small wooden boat with a little galley, two berths, and some dainty lamps for as much as £5000. For anything better or bigger than this, you need to invest more, according to your specific choice. After all, Boat is short for Being On Another Thousand.


Next on the agenda is the size of the watercraft you want. The average size of cruising boats has been increasing over the last few decades. This might depend on other considerations like the number of people you want to have on board. If you are planning to set sail on your own, a smaller boat should do you fine. However, if you wish to sail with your friends and family, a bigger boat would mean more comfort and space.

Do remember, however, that the bigger the boat, the higher price you would be required to pay. The price of your craft would go up by the square of its size, as would the berthage charges and costs.

Your Preferred Cruising Style:

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For many sailors, setting sail is about stealing away a solitary respite amid the cries of the seagulls, watching mackerels swim as the distant shore moves farther away. The main attraction for them is enjoying some time alone or with their loved ones without the distraction of other people’s presence.

Some others, however, like to find a community wherever they go. They are sociable and enjoy nothing more than the company of good friends. Sailing can provide such people with plenty of opportunities for socialization, like conferences, meetings, and even races are held regularly.

Such races and events are more sociable than competitive. Parties on boats can often continue till late at night. Your preferred cruising style can influence the kind of craft you pick.


The experience of sailing on a traditional wooden boat is one to remember for a lifetime. The sound of ripples of the water against the wooden hull, the sights and smells of the town fading in the distance, small shimmering lights on the sea’s dark horizon, and the cries of the seagulls constitute the ideal dream for many mariners. Having the right wooden watercraft is essential to live this experience to the fullest. Choose a boat according to your specific needs to enjoy the best sailing experience of a lifetime.