If you are still wondering whether to keep your house decorated after the Christmas festival or to keep it decorated for the upcoming year, then this article is quite helpful for them.

Well, one puts a lot of effort into decorating their house during Christmas, spreading happiness and merriness. They can decorate their house with beautiful lighting, style their rooms with candles, build snowmen and lighten up their decorations with stars. To spread happiness and keep their house cozy during Christmas, they can get help from holiday light installers to enhance their decoration.

Should They Remove It or Keep It Up?


Now, let’s move to the discussion. However, taking out the Christmas decorations or keeping the decorations up all year remains an individual decision. Although, everyone knows that it is quite confusing because here, they are looking from the perspective of tackiness or trendiness.

Removing decorations once the festival is over will mark the festival’s ending and leave their house bare until they adjust how it looks before the decoration. In short, the way their house will look without trees, stars, lightning, and snowmen, well, it hurts to see their house, but the decision to keep it remains with them.

Moreover, as per the psychologist, decorating your halls or deck during Christmas speaks a lot about your personality. For example, if they are keen on enhancing their house’s beauty during Christmas and start garnishing their house with beautiful things in October. They are a person who enjoys executing things well ahead of their schedule.

Still, if they decorate their house during or at the end of November, it says a lot about them, as per Carmen Harra, author of “Committed: Finding Love and Loyalty Through The Seven Archetypes”.

Is It Unlucky to Leave Their Christmas Decorations up All Year?


If the person is a firm believer in bad luck or good luck, read this section of the article. As per the English heritage, it is good luck to keep your house decorated once the festival is over.

This notion is derived from the medieval period that decorations should be kept after Christmas. However some believe that Eve would become possessed by Goblins. Also, it’s a modern idea to keep up the decorations till five or January 6.

During the medieval period, people in the United Kingdom kept their Christmas Decorations until Candlemas or the feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ, which falls on February 2, is considered an important date in the Christmas calendar. Traditionally, there would be a banquet and candlelit procession on this day. Candles are lit up in the church as a blessing; this is how people celebrate this auspicious yet important day of the year.

When to Take Out Their Christmas Decorations?


It completely depends upon an individual choice when they wish to take out their festival decorations or keep their house decorated for all the years. In the words of April Gany, designer of Alluring Designs Chicago, “I am guilty of leaving my tree up well into January from time to time. However, I think New Year’s Day is a great time to put the tree away; she advises”.

Now, looking from the perspective of maintenance, they can take off the ornaments once the festival is over to maintain the aesthetic beauty of their house. Sometimes, people think that keeping up the decorations throughout the year might be quite tacky instead of giving it a trendy look.

Depending upon the items of decorations, they can decide whether it is giving a tacky or trendy look to their house. For example, garlands, Christmas trees or lights might look tacky once the festival ends. Still, minimalistic decorations such as wooden signs with festive messages appear trendy for the look of the house.

Is There Any Specific Rule for Keeping or Taking the Christmas Decorations?

However, Jennifer Walter, the owner and designer for Folding Chair Design Co, says that you can keep the decorations until January if they aren’t too top or themed. People like to keep wintry decorations starting from November to January, irrespective of Christmas.

In addition, there is no specific rule for taking or keeping the festival embellishment. However, there are customs, specifically dates of putting up the decorations and removing the decoration from the house.

It is generally believed that a person can put up a Christmas tree after Thanksgiving, which happens in the first week of December or the third Sunday of Advent. As for taking out the Christmas decoration, they can remove them on January 5 or 6 as per their choices. Sometimes taking out the embellishment marks the beginning of the celebration of New Year’sYear’s eve.

How to Restore Their Decorations for Next Year?


In this section of the article, let’s discuss how to store your embellishments for next year once you have decided to remove them. They need to safely stash their items, including Christmas trees to living decor, to use for next year. The most important thing which they need to check is the Christmas Tree. They need to carefully remove all the items from the tree to avoid unwanted damage to the tree and ornaments.

If they have decorated their tree with lights, they must unplug them carefully. Make sure they carefully detach all the lights from all their tree’s sections. Keeping a bag beside them is generally advisable while detaching items from their Christmas tree. This will help them to protect their decorations and ornaments for the next year. Ensure that your bag is large enough to fit all your items comfortably and made from durable material so that your items are undamaged.



To sum up, the article, whether to take out Christmas decorations or to keep them for the upcoming year depends upon an individual’s choice. If they have decided to remove the decorations, they must keep them safely in the large carry bag to use next year and ensure that no items are damaged. This article has answered your question: whether it is unlucky to keep up the decorations in the house even after Christmas.