Can You Drink All Night Long Without Getting Drunk? 4 Tricks To Try

Can You Drink All Night Long Without Getting Drunk? 4 Tricks To Try

Are you a party freak or someone who loves to drink booze every weekend? People who prefer drinking but don’t have a high tolerance often throw up after the party. Drinks are meant to add life to your party and make you have fun. It is not supposed to be a spoiled sport where you get drunk and lose track of memories.

If you need tips and tricks to drink all night, stay up late, and not get drunk, this article is just the right one for you. You can host a good house party, buy liquor online with various options available and get ready to enjoy the night. Certain online websites offer great deals and gift cards for buying booze.

You can learn many tricks to stay in your sense while everyone slowly ends up being tipsy. When someone’s tipsy, that’s just the start; after each shot, that converts into a disaster where you end up getting wasted and having a hangover. Follow the tips below and witness all the drama at the party.

Avoid Drinking On An Empty Stomach

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The only rule you should know as a drinker is that an empty drinking stomach causes more harm than required. If you are thinking of building a capacity or tolerance to drinking more tonight, make sure you order something or grab a lot of snackibles for the party. When you drink without having something before, the alcohol tends to affect you at a faster pace.

Moreover, you might end up getting sick and may fall asleep then after. It’s not good for your liver and stomach both. Ideally, one should consume a good meal before starting the night of drinking. You can have chocolates, snacks, a healthy meal, or munchies. Consume your favourites and also bring some snacks so that you are feeding your stomach even while drinking.

Snacks, along with drinks, not only amplify the taste of the drink but also keeps you sane for the night. The bottom line is that if you need to stay up all night and drink, have something before consuming booze and then try fueling yourself while consuming drinks too.

Hydration Is The Key

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Have you ever noticed that one suddenly feels thirsty the following day after a party? Well, that’s dehydration due to liquors consumed the previous night. It can be rum, whiskey, vodka, gin, etc. Irrespective of the alcohol consumed, one needs to know that these drinks are diuretics. They tend to remove fluids, especially water, from your body.

After drinking a lot of beer or alcohol, you tend to pee more. This is a sign that the body has started removing fluids. Without the necessary hydration, your body may not function well. You may feel exhausted and get hangovers, headaches, and stomach aches. So, it’s essential to consume water between your drinks while you are enjoying.

Water helps to digest the alcohol going inside your body and keeps you hydrated so that you don’t end up throwing up later. You can also dilute your drink with more water to reduce the alcohol content. Either way, ensure that the body stays sane and you end up drinking all night without getting drunk.

Take A Sip

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Booze is meant to be enjoyed and not be forced on your body. Make sure you are enjoying the party and drinking by taking a sip every time. Avoid chugging the drink under peer pressure because that leads to adverse effects and results in you getting drunk. Go for dark liquors and try minimal consumption of drinks like beer because you must be aware of beer-chugging games. It’s widespread and may test your tolerance.

Taking a sip also ensures that in between the breaks, you can consume snacks or any other soft drink to cool down a bit. You can dance while holding the glass or play games. One would never figure out that you didn’t refill your glass. The trick is to drink less, stay awake, and let no one notice you.

Also, you can try starting with drinks having lower alcohol content and then further moving to drinks with a higher content range. You need to set your limits. Go slow and stay till the end. Record everyone’s crazy stuff, gather memories and be the lead drinker of the party.

Know Your Limits

The most underrated tip to help you drink all night without getting super drunk is observing and noticing your body. Yes, you read that right. One should undoubtedly know their limits while drinking. If you are a hardcore drinker, you might know that after a certain amount, you can’t handle it. Every time you go to a party, notice how your body reacts to every liquor.

Also, human bodies react worse when two different alcohols are mixed together. It gets you drunk at a faster pace. So, if that’s the case with you, then be careful. You might be a slow drinker, so maintain the pace. Don’t go all out under peer pressure. The plan is to drink and stay in your senses. Enjoy the party and take responsibility.

Go for drinks that don’t affect your system even after exceeding a specific limit. Your tolerance depends on how frequently you drink because a regular drinker’s body gets used to the alcohol. While an occasional drinker might end up getting drunk if the drinks go above the average limit. Observe your limits, and slow down when you see your body reacting differently.


For the next party you will host, make sure you end up being the one who drinks all night and doesn’t end up getting wasted. Be the swag drinker and capture all those beautiful, crazy, yet drunk memories of your friends. You can follow the tips mentioned above, and you will be fine. Keep having food and drinking water, and enjoy the party. When you go off limits, tackle it well by giving your drinking game a suitable pause. The last and essential rule is to keep moving and be the life of the party.