5 Wax Melt Packaging Tips and Ideas to Try in 2023

5 Wax Melt Packaging Tips and Ideas to Try in 2023

Wax melts are becoming very popular these days. They are used to spread fragrance and are much safer than using a scented wax candle as they are flameless. With the growing popularity of wax melts many people have set up their own small businesses to sell them while others have started preparing wax melts at their homes for personal use. After one is done making wax melts they also need to know how such wax melts should be packaged. This is especially important for those who intend to sell their homemade wax melt and those who wish to courier it over long distances.

Good packing is a very important aspect of running a small business and hence it should not be taken lightly or ignored. Moreover, much focus should be placed on the practicability of the packaging as well as its aesthetic. Similarly for wax melts, packaging is an important part as wax melts are generally a vulnerable type of product that can easily be damaged. So if one is looking for good quality wax melt packaging, one should prefer buying from good online sources like

Packing techniques are always upgrading and hence below is a list of 5 wax melt packaging tips and ideas to try in 2023:

1. Invest in sustainable packaging

Paper Bag


For a wax melt company, just like any other product, it is important to maintain a positive image in front of the customer. Customers these days are very conscious about the environment and the impact of large corporations and companies on it. Hence investing in a sustainable packing preferably one that is recyclable or reusable is very beneficial for the long term growth of the business. Moreover, keeping the environment healthy is always a good choice. Sustainable packaging options can include paper bags and envelopes of various patterns.

2. Go with glassine envelopes

If one is planning to pack their wax melts, it is a good idea to pack them in glassine envelopes, especially the eco-friendly ones. Glassine envelopes are such transparent or translucent envelopes which allow one to see the goods even from the outside. This can be a great packaging trend for 2023 as wax melts are becoming more colourful and more designer and putting them in a packing that showcases them can be a great idea.

3. Try using ropes and wax seals

Wax Seals


People these days seem to prefer a lot of vintage packaging and aesthetics. Moreover they are the same demographic that seem to buy wax melts, especially from small, homegrown businesses. Adding a bit of vintage touch to the packing will make it very appealing in the eyes of the targeted customer and hence they would be more likely to buy the wax melts.

To make one’s packaging a bit more Vintage it is advisable to use paper and more sustainable materials for packaging. This can include old newspapers, brown paper bags and of course tie it in with a thin jute rope and seal with a wax stamp. This wax seal or stamp can either be custom made to fit the brand or could just be an aesthetic one.

4. Order as needed

Many small businesses that sell wax melts on platforms like etsy, instagram or tiktok seem to order an excess of a particular type of packing as soon as they start or launch their business. But this can sometimes be wasteful since no one can predict how one’s online business might go.

There might also be times when one might want to rebrand their small business. In such a case packaging that is based on the previous theme with the previous logo of the business can be seen as redundant and non usable. This is why whenever one is placing an order one should make sure that the packaging that they are ordering is the one they really want and that they would be able to use it wholly as per their consumer base.

For a new and upcoming business, it is better to buy less envelopes and packaging items since the beginning stage is still a market testing stage of the business. If the business starts to go well and one decides that they would be sticking with a particular type of packaging then they can order bulk packaging supplies to satisfy the demand.

5. Stick to a theme

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Packaging is a great way to create a brand image in the eyes of the customer and hence it is very important to make the packaging distinct from other competitors in the same business. This is why sticking to a particular theme or colour scheme is advisable for businesses so that the customer can associate their business and product with those particular colours or fonts. It also makes it easy to choose different forms of packaging because as long as there are certain recognisable colours, fonts and patterns on the packaging, they can all be associated with a single brand by the customers.


In conclusion, packaging is a very important part of a business which should not be ignored. This is especially true with regards to small businesses that are famous for their attention to detail as compared to big retail brands. Especially with businesses like wax melts, the aesthetic of it becomes very important. One should also make sure that they are not ordering more packing material than they require at a time. This will save one’s resources.

To ensure that a packaging is a good packaging one should make sure that they are using eco friendly and biodegradable packaging as that is better for the environment. Another important aspect of packing can be the aesthetics of it. Small businesses should try to ensure that they have certain brand colours that day would like to highlight while packing their orders and such theme colours associated with the brand should be uniform across all of the packaging to ensure that the customer can connect with the brand image rather than just with the product.