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Best Dry Shampoo Picks

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Back in 2008, I decided to dye my hair red.  Little did I know that it is the most difficult hair color to maintain; it bleeds, it fades, and then, it turns orange. [insert eye roll]  At the time, I was washing my hair every other day like most everyone else I knew.  The next time I saw my hair stylist, I whined about said problems and she told me I need to starting only washing my hair like every five days.  What? Ew, no!  The thought grossed me out at first because I get oily roots by day three and who wants to look gross all the time just to have red hair? Not me!  But I tried it.  And, yes, my hair looked and felt gross.

Then I had the idea to put baby powder in my hair and, minus the time I accidentally dumped half the bottle on my head, it worked beautifully at keeping my hair from looking, feeling and smelling gross.  Baby powder is good in a pinch but, frankly, using a loose powder is messy and a pain in the ass; which is why I haven’t included any loose options in my list.

Dry Shampoo and going a few without washing your hair is still somewhat of a taboo; there are those that swear by it and those that think it’s gross.  Having formerly been part of the latter group I totally get it; but having freshly washed and styled hair everyday is just not an option in my busy life.  I mean who has that kind of time???  I also learned that washing your hair everyday strips it of oils that keeps your scalp from getting dry, itchy and flakey; which is another incentive to go a few days between washings.

Dry shampoo is a holy grail product for me because not only does it save time but it enables me to also get second day hair (which is better for styling, it’s a fact) on day one.  Hair not holding styling?  Teasing falling flat?  Add some dry shampoo!  I’ve been a dry shampoo convert for almost 10 years  now and have tried them all! So let’s get to sharing …

how to use dry shampoo

Shake dry shampoo can prior to use.  While holding the can 10-12 inches from hair, lift sections of hair that are greasy and spray at the roots of the hair only.  Spray in short spurts to avoid over-application of product.  Massage product into scalp until powder has disappeared.  I like to do a little at a time to avoid overdoing it and ending up with a white cast to my hair.

#5:Dove Dry Shampoo, $4/9

This is my least favorite because although its affordable and smells nice, it left my hair feeling a little too tacky to the touch.  It looked fine because it didn’t look greasy anymore and there was no white residue but I touch my hair a lot and I just didn’t like how my hair seemed to stick to itself, my hands or anything else that touched it.  This, of course, is just my experience; I’ve spoken to others who love it so that’s why I’ve included it in my list.

#4:Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo, $22/44

This formula applies clear (no white roots) and smells amazing.  Like I can’t stress enough how good it smells.  It does carry a hefty price tag though which makes it a splurge.  It does come in a travel size which is nice.  It also only handles second or third day hair (for me), anything over that and I can still see some greasiness.

#3:Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam, $12/28

This is a new product unlike anything else out there.  It’s a mousse-like foam that you apply to dry hair and rub in until it disappears leaving behind clean feeling and volumized hair.  Ouai products have a fairly strong, but pretty, scent on initial application but it dissipates fairly quickly.  My favorite way to use this is on freshly washed hair to give it second-day hair texture for styling purposes because unlike regular dry shampoo, you don’t run the risk of applying too much and having the dreaded white cast to your hair.  It is a fair price and it also comes in a travel size.

#2:Elizabeth and James Dry Shampoo, $14/28

This product comes in 4 different scents but my favorite is the Black version (woody scent).  This comes out as a white powder and does an amazing job at soaking up grease and creating lift at the root.  The only downside is that it will built up residue at the roots if you use it too much or too frequently.  It also comes in travel sizes as well.

#1:Batiste Original Dry Shampoo, $6

My all-time fav and the one I always go back to.  It is super affordable [hello$6?!], can handle even fourth and fifth day hair, doesn’t leave a white residue (unless you over do it) and leaves my hair feeling soft and touchable.  It comes in a travel size as well.  It’s just best in all categories!

*BONUS product*

Not everyone has oily scalp problems.  Some people combat dryness a few days after washing but what fixes that?  Enter Kardashian Beauty Take 2 Dry Conditioner, $8.  It contains black seed oil that leaves hair looking shiny and feeling soft.  It also has a nice and subtle scent.  Often times, dry shampoo can leave hair looking less greasy but too flat, so I will spray a little of this over it to bring back some shine.  It’s also affordable for a large can but unfortunately I don’t think it comes in a travel size.
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Let me know if you guys have tried these and what you think or if you have suggestions, leave them in the comments!

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